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Pre-Owned MRI Scanners for Veterinarians and Veterinary Clinics:

    MagnaServ Offers a Full Range of Pre-Owned MRI Scanners for Veterinarians.

  • Pre-owned MRI Systems for Veterinary Clinics:
    • Veterinarians can quickly and painlessly diagnose specific conditions for pets and animals
    • MRI Systems provide Veterinarians with exceptional diagnostic imaging capabilities
    • Veterinarians can now scan their own animals and pets to provide superior care

  • Refurbished MRI Systems for Veterinary Facilities
    • MagnaServ sells and installs MRI Scanners into Vet Clinics
    • Quality Refurbished MRI Scanners are affordable and available for Veterinarians
    • MagnaServ specializes in refurbished Mobile MRI systems and offers them to Hospitals, Imaging Centers, Veterinarians and Veterinary Clinics

  • Pre-Owned MRI Systems for Veterinary Neurology Specialists
    • MagnaServ will be happy to show you the benefits of owning or leasing your own MRI Scanner

  • Pre-owned equipment provides Veterinarians with reliable care at a significant cost savings
    • MagnaServ MRI system specialists will ensure that your MRI system is operating at peak performance
    • MagnaServ has a large supply of quality reconditioned MRI parts to provide you with the best in quality service

  • MRI Systems for Veterinary Oncology
    • A growing number of veterinary facilities have added MRI systems to provide Veterinary Oncology Capabilities

Pre-owned MRI Systems for Veterinary Clinics and Specialists

MRI Technology has been around since the early 1980's. The cost of pre-owned and refurbished MRI systems have finally made it practical for Veterinary clinics to obtain their own specialized Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems. The study of Veterinary Radiology has grown substantially over the past decade as many large Veterinarian Hospitals and Veterinary (or Vet) Referral Centers are now offering MRI scanning. Specialized Veterinary clinics are now able to provide a higher level of treatment for pet owners without sending their animals to off-site patient imaging centers.

Veterinarians are receiving specialized training in areas such as neurology and spinal imaging as specialized diagnostic equipment is becoming more affordable and practical for a non-invasive assessment of animal brain and spine abnormalities. MagnaServ, a leader in the market for quality pre-owned and refurbished MRI Systems, provides high quality pre-owned and refurbished MRI scanners to Veterinary facilities around the country. Each of the systems are delivered in top condition and ready for use at prices that are affordable and practical for Veterinarians.  

Veterinary Clinics are benefiting from the lowered cost of obtaining quality pre-owned MRI Scanners. MRI has become a vital tool for Radiology Imaging Centers as well as Veterinary specialists. Veterinary Neurology and Veterinary Radiology facilities are also now taking advantage of the availability and affordability of quality refurbished Mobile MRI scanning systems. MagnaServ specializes in offering quality pre-owned MRI systems and is catering to Veterinary Specialists as well. These same MRI Systems have been scanning patients for years and now have a second life by offering exceptional diagnostic imaging capabilities for pets and animals as well. MagnaServ offers these same systems and delivers quality, affordable pre-owned Veterinary MRI systems.

MagnaServ Offers Veterinary MRI Scanners

  • Quality Pre-owned, and reconditioned MRI scanners are available and affordable
  • Enhance your Veterinary clinic by offering MRI and CT scanning capabilities
  • MRI scanning at your Veterinary clinic will ensure better control of the scans
  • MRI scanning at your Veterinary facility will boost your bottom line
  • MRI systems can be installed and maintained in your Veterinary care facility
  • Mobile MRI scanners are easily set-up, affordable and available for your Veterinary practice
  • Custom installation and maintenance plans are available for Veterinary hospitals and clinics

Take advantage of the benefits of MRI Scanning at your own Veterinary Clinic or Veterinary Hospital facilities. Vet MRI specialty centers no longer have to send pet owners to patient imaging facilities for off-hours scanning. Instead these same Veterinary clinics can provide a higher level of imaging capabilities from their own Veterinary facilities and this is due to the affordable range of MRI scanners that are available on the pre-owned market from MagnaServ. Please give us a call to learn more about the pricing and availability of our quality pre-owned and refurbished MRI Scanners. 

Simply fill out a Service Request Form to obtain a quotation or request service for your MRI System. A MagnaServ representative will contact you quickly.


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